Who we are - Royal diamond orphanage home

Our Vision

To be the recognized leader in the provision of an Integrated orphanage home care in Africa.

Our Mission

By helping the orphans (infants) to achieve their full potentials through rehabilitation, reformation and reintegration with quality care services and above all with absolute fear of God.

We uphold these core values in our own work and promote them in the nonprofit sector as a whole. They represent what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do.

  1. Innovation: At Royal Diamond we can create a better future through innovation and societal change. Our Integrated mode of operation leads to creative approaches and new models that work.
  2. Integrity and Accountability: We are accountable to all our stakeholders – our community, constituents, donors, board, staff, volunteers, collaborators, the government, etc. We believe in modeling this trustworthiness and integrity that earns continuously the public’s high regard for the nonprofit sector. This reflects an alignment between what we say, what we do, and how we do it.
  3. Outstanding Service: We are committed to a strong ethic of timely, reliable service to all our stakeholders in our society. We strive to create an environment in which the children feel heard, safe, respected, and supported.
  4. Excellent Stewardship: We are committed to careful stewardship of all human, natural and financial resources. This means we use carefully the time and talents of those working with the Center, we are environmentally responsible, and we spend wisely the funds invested in us.
  5. Sustainability: We believe it is important to recognize the value of nonprofits’ work by investing in their organizations and their people. This includes providing learning opportunities for volunteers and staff, as well as compensation and benefits that are adequate to sustain members of staff and their families and even the society at large.


The main objectives for which the orphanage is established are:

  • To provide a safe environment to orphans and vulnerable children, through which they all receive all the necessary provision for a good quality life, including but not limited to housing, education, medical care, nutrition and knowledge of the words of God.
  • To benefit orphans and vulnerable children to live in an environment conducive to their social, physical and emotional development.
  • To develop, implement and maintain programs which will provide the outline for the operation of the orphanage which will be used to act in the best interest of the orphanage and which will govern the future of the orphanage.
  • To advance the education of the children at the orphanage by providing and assisting in the provision of educational fees and costs associated with education and to work with sponsors and donors to meet these needs.
  • To effectively work with the social welfare department of the Ministry ofYouth and Social Development to promote the objectives of the orphanage.
  • To network effectively with likeminded groups, organization and individuals both domestic and foreign to save the best interest of the orphanage home, the children under its care and future growth and development.
  • To advance the quality of the life and relief Royal Diamond Orphanage Home the needs of the children.


Royal Diamond Orphanage undertakes its key function through the following activities.

  1. Educating the children at various levels from nursery to university level.
  2.  Assisting the provision of educational fees and costs associated with education.
  3. Advancing the quality of life and relieve the needs of the children through recreational and leisure activities.
  4. Developing the capacities and skills of the family members of the children in the orphanage.
  5. Providing the necessary provision for the quality life including housing, nutrition and medical care.