Local Adoption - Royal diamond orphanage home

The Adoption Program at Royal Diamond Orphanage Home is dedicated to providing permanent homes for children and offers adoption services to families interested in children of all ages. We offer couples and single persons of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, socio-economic backgrounds and religions many options for starting or adding to their families.

Guidelines For Adoption

  • Submission of application Letters.
  • Interview with Director Social Welfare/Representative on appointed date
  • Payment of prescribed fees.
  • Complete appropriate forms and obtain list of requirements
  • Administrative Processing/Screening Session
  • Mandatory Pre-Counseling Session on appointed date
  • Panel Session
  • Post-Counseling (Proper Parenting) on appointed date
  • Result
  • Collection of child from Registered Orphanages.
  • Legalization at the Family Court after 3 months.

Basic Requirements For Local Adoption

Typed application letter stating the reasons for the adoption, duly signed by the adopters and addressed to:

The Special Adviser,
Office of Youth and Social Development,
The Secretariat,
Block 7, Alausa,

Attached to this, photo-copies of:

  1. Birth certificate of adopters – 2 copies each
  2. Marriage Certificate of Adopters – 2 copies each
  3. Medical Certificate of fitness from a Lagos State General Hospital – Original copies each
  4. Proof of employment including:
    • Photocopy of Identity Card – 2 copies each

    • To whom it may concern letter From employer – 2 copies each

    • Letter of Employment – 2 copies each

    • Recent pay slips (6 months) – 2 copies each

    • Statement of Account (6 months) – 2 copies each
  5. 4-coloured passport photographs each
  6. Tax clearance for the last 3 years – 2 copies each
  7. Contact Telephone Number.

Our members of Staff are available to assist families in finding the adoption program which is right for them and will answer all questions with honesty, compassion, and expertise.