Legal Guardianship - Royal diamond orphanage home

Legal guardianship lets someone that is not a parent take care of the child. This person is the child’s guardian.

The home assists in extablishing legal guardianship between a child and a guardian.

Procedure For Legal Guardianship

  • Interview with Prospective Guardians/Collection of list of requirements.
  • Administrative Charges
  • Submission of Required documents
  • Administrative Screening and processing
  • Approval from Ministry
  • Family Court

Basic Requirements For Guardianship

Typed Application letter, stating the reasons for the Guardianship, duly signed by the applicants and addressed to:         

The Special Adviser,
Office of Youth and Social Development,
The Secretariat,
Block 7, Alausa,

Documents to be submitted by the applicants:

  • Birth Certificate of the Guardians – 2 Copies each
  • Marriage Certificate – 2 Copies each
  • Proof of Employment
  • Photocopy of Identity Card – 2 Copies each
  • To Whom it may concern letter from Employer. – 2 Copies each
  • Letter of Employment – 2 copies each
  • Utility Bill for the last three months (Energy, Water, Gas, Telephone) – 2 copies each
  • 3 Months Salary Pay slip (Recent) – 2 copies each
  • Statement of Accounts for 6 months (Recent) – 2 copies each
  • Photocopy of Data pages of your International Passport (Coloured) – 4 Copies each
  • Photocopy of Tax returns certificate for last 3 yrs – 2 Copies each
  • Home study report from country of domicile – 2 Copies each
  • Certificate of Naturalization – 2 Copies each

Documents for the child:

  • Birth Certificate – 2 Copies each
  • School Report – 2 Copies each
  • Death Certificate of Deceased Parents – 2 Copies each
  • Consent of surviving parents – 2 Copies each
  • Home Assessment to confirm the inability of the parents to take adequate Care of the child.