International Adoption - Royal Diamond Orphanage home

The Home is a full-service adoption program placing infants, children identified internationally, and waiting children from foster care. The adoption program offers post-adoption services including support groups, search/reunion services and counseling.

Our members of Staff are available to assist families in finding the adoption program which is right for them and will answer all questions with honesty, compassion, and expertise.

Guidelines For The Adoption Procedure For Nigerians Living Abroad

  • Interview with the Director, Social Welfare.
  • Submission of data page of International passport.
  • Payment of Prescribed fees. 
  • Complete appropriate forms and obtain list of requirements
  • Submission of relevant documents.
  • Administrative processing.
  • Collection of Letter of Approval.
  • Collection of Child from Registered Orphanage
  • Legalization at the Family Court

Procedure For International Adoption Through Foundation

  1. Identification of the child (for International Placement)
  2. Notice brought to Adoption/Fostering Unit on intention about the Child
  3. Investigation by the Division and Submission of case file by the Home
  4. Approval for the Foundation to look for Prospective Adopters
  5. Submission of all required documents on behalf of the Prospective Adopters by the Foundation.
  6. Arrival of Prospective Adopters for documentation, Interview and bonding with the Child.
  7. Collection of the Approval Letters on behalf of Prospective Adopters
  8. Legalization of the Adoption at the Family Court.

Basic Requirement For International Adoption

Typed Application letter, stating the reasons for the adoption, duly signed by the adopters and addressed to:

The Special Adviser,
Office of Youth and Social Development,
The Secretariat,
Block 7, Alausa,

Attached to this, photocopies of: 

  • Birth Certificate of Adopters – 2 Copies each
  • Marriage Certificate of Adopters – 2 Copies each
  • Medical Certificate of Fitness (original) – 2 Copies each
  • 4-Coloured Passport Photographs each – 2 Copies each
  • Proof of Employment
  • Photocopy of Identity Card – 2 Copies each
  • Letter from Employer addressed “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” -2 Copies each
  • Letter of Employment – 2 copies each
    Utility Bill for the last three months
    (Energy, Water, Gas, Telephone) -2 copies each
  • 3 Months Salary Pay slip (Recent) – 2 copies each
  • Statement of Accounts for 6 months (Recent) -2 copies each
  • Photocopy of Data pages of your International Passport
    (Coloured) – 4 Copies each
  • Photocopy of Tax returns certificate for last 3 yrs -2 Copies each
  • Home study report from country of domicile – 2 Copies each.
  • Certificate of Naturalization – 2 Copies each
  • Contact Telephone number of Adopter in Nigeria
  • Law of Adoption from Country of Domicile – 2 Copies each