Foster care - Royal diamond orphanage home

Royal Diamond Home foster care program is committed to providing loving and stable homes to children in the community who are residing in hospitals, residential programs, temporary foster care homes, or with their birth parents who are unable to care for them. These children, aged between birth and 4 years, represent a wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds and are faced with challenges that include emotional, behavioral, developmental, and/or medical.

The primary goal of the program is to prevent institutionalization and to shorten the hospital or residential placement stays of children with special needs.

The Intensive Foster Care Program offers the following services:

  • Professional in-house training
  • 24-hour clinical staff support services
  • Crisis intervention and disruption prevention
  • Life enrichment seminars
  • Family reunification work
  • Educational advocacy for youth in placement

Basic Requirement For Fostering

Typed application letter stating the reasons for the fostering to be signed by the prospective foster parents and addressed to:

The Special Adviser,
Office of Youth and Social Development,
The Secretariat,
Block 7, Alausa,

Photocopies of the under listed should be attached:

  • Birth Certificate of Foster Parents – 2 copies each
  • Marriage Certificate of Foster Parents – 2 copies each
  • Medical Certificate of Fitness (original) – 2 copies each
  • 3-Coloured Passport Photographs each
  • Tax returns certificate for last 3 years – 2 copies each
  • Letter from two guarantors and Sworn affidavit with their Passports Photograph attached.
  • Statement of Account – Original (6 months) & Photocopy
  • Proof of Employment
  • Letter of Employment. – 2 copies each
  • Recent Pay slip. (6 months) -2 copies each
  • Statement of Account (6 months) – 2 copies each
  • Photocopy of Identity Card – 2 copies each

Our program through its competent and highly skilled clinical workers, is committed to fostering parents and dedication to the children we serve.