The power of people against poverty

Let’s unite to fight poverty and
make the future bright for children.

We strive to create an environment in which the children feel heard, safe, respected, and supported.
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Our Mission

By helping the orphans (infants) to achieve their full potentials through rehabilitation, reformation and reintegration with quality care services and above all with absolute fear of God.

Our Objectives

To provide a safe environment to orphans and vulnerable children, through which they all receive all the necessary provision for a good quality life,
To benefit Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) to live in an environment conducive to their social, physical and emotional development.
To develop, implement and maintain programs which will provide the outline for the operation of the orphanage which will be used to act in the best interest of the orphanage and which will govern the future of the orphanage.
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Our Vision is to be the recognized leader in the provision of an Integrated orphanage home care in Africa

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We save and protect an lives in times of crisis.

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We save and protect an lives in times of crisis.

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We save and protect an lives in times of crisis.

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We save and protect an lives in times of crisis.

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Get answers to common questions

Can I visit as a Volunteer?

Yes you can, however, there is a screening process. More information about this process can be found in this FAQ but essentially all visitors need to apply via our online Volunteer Application Form which is available from the menu above.

All volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Both are required to fill in Volunteer Application Forms.

What are the rules and regulations of coming to the Royal Diamond Orphanage Home?

To make your volunteering more memorable and enjoyable, we do have some few policies. We have a Child Protection Policy that must be followed by all visitors, this applies to all volunteers as well during their time with the Royals.

In addition to this we have a Volunteers Agreement that all volunteers are required to sign upon arrival. You can also download a copy from the Resource menu.

Where is Royal Diamond Orphanage Home Located?

Royal Diamond Orphanage is located on Plot 5B Edward Ademoroti Close, By. Unity Estate Gate. Ojodu – Berger, Lagos West Senatorial District. Lagos State

What is the nearest bus stop to Royal Diamond Orphanage Home?

Grammar School Bus Stop Ojodu

Can I help collect or raise funds for Royal Diamond Orphanage?

Visit our Start a Fundraiser page for fundraising tools and join in our athletic events.

Quality of education is now the highest priority

Only one-third of the world has achieved the goal of education for all, with only
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Schooling solutions and quality education for all

Values-based education through trained teachers and interactive digital content.
Pre-primary schools

Promoting lifelong learning, increasing access to educational opportunities

Community learning centres

Promoting lifelong learning, increasing access to educational opportunities

Extreme inequality and essential services

In countries around the world, a small elite are taking an ever-increasing share of their nation’s income, while hundreds of millions of people are still living without access to clean water and without enough food to feed their families.
Extreme inequality is hurting us all, but it is the poorest people who suffer most, especially women and girls. No matter how hard they work, far too many suffer the indignity of poverty wages and are denied basic rights.

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Our emergency efforts and each new humanitarian mission project
are first and foremost financed by our own funds.

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